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Annie Pichan

vocalist and founder

I have been studying voice and music since I was 10 years old.  I am from the suburbs of Detroit, and grew up encouraged to pursue violin and voice by my dad who is a musician, singer-songwriter and producer.  I studied the Suzuki method; an ear training based program developed in Japan after WWII specifically for violinists, that ended up being very beneficial for vocal study.  Having a well trained ear helped me to become a better writer, navigate harmonic changes more fluidly, and have the ability to recolor harmonies to keep audience members on their toes!

After performing around Detroit at various clubs with a jazz trio from 2008-2010, singing the National Anthem regularly at Pistons games, and recording jingles at the well renowned Harmonie Park Studios under the guidance of Brian and Mark Pastoria, I decided to further my education at Berklee mainly for my love of jazz and contemporary music.

At Berklee, I received my B.M. in Music Business Management and Songwriting (Class of 2013).  It was at Berklee that I truly honed my skills as a jazz musician with harmony and history of harmony classes, and learned tools for songwriting and recording at home.  Initially, I thought I wanted to become a music agent, but after having spent time interning for AM Only, a subsidiary of Paradigm, I decided that I could not abandon my love for my craft as a career.

I moved to New York in 2014 and opened The Vocal Lab and Music School with the philosophy that vocal students should not just be students of the voice, but of music and musical concepts.  Vocalists are musicians, after all, and must have a conceptual understanding of music to be better vocalists.

I have always been a proponent of health and wellness, and have based my philosophy around this as well.  My students receive a total body approach to vocal study so that they develop a keen sense of self awareness to determine what it means to take an adequate diaphragmatic breath, understand where our resonators are located within the body and how we can use them for continuity, efficiency and projection.

I strive to have strong interpersonal relationships with all of my students, and help them grow as individuals, musicians, vocalists and artists.

Outside of running The Vocal Lab, I am currently recording my forthcoming album to be released in Fall 2018.  You can check out my original project and upcoming show schedule at: