Thanks for visiting my page!  It's been a year since I opened The Vocal Lab here in New York City, so to celebrate this anniversary, I decided to create this blog to share some of my tidbits, case studies and discoveries I've made so far throughout my teaching career. Here, I will delineate my approach to vocal athleticism, artistry, health and wellness, as well as the benefits of staying fit vocally whether you're a professional vocalist or simply a hobbyist.  A new blog post will be released every Monday evening.  

I have always been a huge proponent of nutrition, body alignment, health and wellness.  Throughout the course of establishing my brand and philosophy for The Vocal Lab, I've come to better understand the importance of integrating both elements for exceptional results and vocal sustainability.  With each of my students, I assess their instrument and level to strategize a plan of action towards achieving their goals.  We work together to integrate a vocal and physical regime throughout the course of our studies.  Depending on the student's goals, we will also explore character development, expression, conceptualizing and/or music theory geared towards composition.

My classroom is a mix of technical discipline, freedom of musical exploration and experimentation.  I strongly encourage establishing a solid athletic and theoretical foundation as a musician and vocalist before anything else.  I've found that once a solid groundwork is laid, my students have the freedom to fully and effectively express themselves as performers, musicians, artists and composers.

Aside from the disciplinary aspect of my teaching philosophy, the cool thing about expressing yourself through art is that there are no hard and fast rules, with the exception of one: always stay true to yourself and your natural voice.  

And that is my goal with The Vocal Lab.  Whether you are a professional vocalist looking to expand your range, sustainability or sense of connection, or a vocal enthusiast and hobbyist itching to break out of your shell, I am here to help guide you towards discovering and developing your unique voice.

Please stay tuned for another blog post this Monday, October 19th and rock on!