I had the strangest dream the other night (disclaimer, I have very odd dreams).  It went something like this and might be indicative of some sort of cheesy parable, perhaps.  I don't know.

I'm manning a tiny speedboat trying to navigate across an ocean in a torrential downpour.  My hands clench a modest steering wheel and to my surprise, I'm well controlled considering the conditions.  But there is no SOS and I have no assistance.  The boat is equipped with a small engine and there's only enough room in the belly for essentials.  Despite these circumstances, I am determined to get across the ocean by myself.

I look to my left and see that it's bright and sunny far off in the distance.   Steadily combating the storm, I turn my boat in this direction.  As I pull closer to the sunny patch, I notice a giant superlative cruise ship occupying the horizon.  The ship must be 10 stories tall.  There's a party happening but I don't care too much to join.  I'm too committed to this mission of getting across the ocean.

A girl at the front of the ship waves, causing me to put on my binoculars and it's ... Taylor Swift ... doing a song and dance.  Where did she come from?!  Taylor's got the hook up:  back up dancers, rescue boats, platters full of hors d'oeuvres - you name it.  One in a humble speed boat could only dream in a dream of a haven like this and yet, I continue on my path.

I'm somewhat of a freak, talking to myself reciting: "one day, I'll have my own cruise ship to navigate across the ocean" while treading arduous waters.  And then I wake up. 

So what did this dream mean?  When I was younger, a bit lost and naive, I "joined the Taylor boat" so to say.  It was easy, available and conventional.  But it wasn't who I was, nor was it what I wanted to do. I just didn't know how to navigate my own path.  As a result, I surrendered my own journey for one that was already established in order to feel safe and a part of something bigger.  

Oftentimes, we surrender our own ideas because it's difficult to resist the trend.  

 Wow, enlightening.  Ha!  But really - find a way to distinguish yourself amongst the pack by committing to your own individual mission.  Don't surrender to anything outside of this unless it plays into your greater vision.  Identify the end goal and establish a plan in getting there.  

True brilliance lies in instinct, conception and execution.

Apparently, in this dream sequence, joining the Taylor ship didn't play into my greater plan of getting across the ocean.  My instinct told me I'd make it on my own.  When you commit yourself to your narrative, it commits to you.  Being prudent to instinct will develop your individual concept, and that is what makes you irreplaceable.  Your success is then up to the execution.

In trying times, it might be tempting to quit and join the pack, but stay the course.  You'll make it on your own when you commit.